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Twenthours of classroom work and up to 5 hours of driving outside of the scheduled classroom time are included in both the On-Line Course along with the "in-house" classroom course.  We schedule the driving into two 1.5 hour drives (3 total) and if the student doesn't pass the Driving Test, we can drive up to 2 more hours if needed to pass.  The cost of the entire program is $375 for any Session. All classes will be held at Elkhorn South throughout the year. The student can be picked up for the driving portion from home, work, camp, etc. as long as distance is reasonable (within 10 minutes of Elkhorn) but they will need to find their own ride to the classroom.  The environment of the driving is "non-stressful", no yelling or cursing, just suggestions. You will be driving around the Village Pointe area, Residential areas, light City Traffic along with Expressways. Parallel parking is also included along with showing the steps of changing the spare and checking under the car hood. 

We will be using some Power Points provided by AAA for the classroom phase along with some textbook work from the textbook company shown below.   

The students may prepare to study for the Final Exam in the class by studying the Self-Test from this book.

                                             Click this link to access the Drive Right Textbook