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De Long’s Driving School has been in operation in the Omaha area since 1998. Dennis De Long (Owner/Operator) has been instructing Driver’s Ed. in the Omaha home area since 1986. This is a Nebraska Certified Driver Education Program. Furthermore, this program provides you with a waiver that is submitted electronically to the DMV (if you successfully pass). You may then obtain a Provisional Operators Permit and/or a School Permit assuming that you meet the criteria to obtain a School Permit after passage of our course.  Also, this program is exclusive for students from the ages of 14 up to 18. Our program costs 425 dollars and at this time we don’t instruct Adults (18 or over). Select the home link that follows to gain more information about the permits.

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Our Team of Instructors

We have many committed drivers within our team consisting of teachers that teach throughout the Elkhorn School District .  One special note: ALL of our Driving Instructors carry a 4 year College Degree in Education along with a Driver Education Endorsement. When “shopping around” for a Driving School, please ask other Schools what percentage of their Instructors carry the same pedigree that we have. Our team of drivers have been “hand selected” (which you may view below) and make up some of the best in the State. We rely mostly on word of mouth advertising. We also take great pride in having both high and positive feedback from many returning home families of multiple siblings but don’t take my word for it, use your social media services to check for yourself and see how we compare. Our in-person driving instruction is second to none.  

Pioneer in the Industry

We are proud to say that we are pioneers within the Driver Education field in the Omaha area along with the State/Nation. To name a few, we were the first to offer On-Line Education in the Omaha area along with being the first to introduce the use of Hybrid cars in the State. It is also exciting to be the first School to offer a Battery Electric Vehicle (Mustang Mach E) in the State as well along with one of the first in the Nation to use a BEV for Drivers Education. We also charge the Battery Electric Vehicle via Solar Panels. Once again, I am guessing a first with that as well with a Driver Ed. vehicle.

Making you aware of the importance of Safety and Driving is the number one concern of this program.  The vehicles used in this Driving Program are late models and are also some of the safest in their category and include features such as side curtain airbags, anti-lock brakes along with blind spot side monitored mirrors.   


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